Nesting dolls for every taste and budget! With different number of dolls! From classic design to modern. Made from natural wood by craftsmen.


Matryoshka dolls have become so popular that they inspire craftsmen to make items, games with images of the famous doll. Chess matryoshka, where pawns are made in the form of matryoshka dolls, wooden pens in the form of nesting dolls, shot glasses for vodka with the image of a Russian toy and much more. Buy products with nesting dolls!



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Our store accepts orders for the production of nesting dolls with a different number of dolls depicting your family members, your favorite artist, athlete, politician, etc., as well as with a photo of your favorite animal, etc. Production time and cost depends on the number of dolls in the nesting doll, design . You will need to write to us what exactly you would like to depict, in what style, send a photo. After that, we begin to discuss the project and determine the timing of the work and the cost.