Our shop accepts orders for individual production of chess. We have been cooperating with woodcarvers for a long time, professionals who have been working for many years in the leading factories of the country and in family industries. You can send us your vision, the idea of the desired chess, and we will offer sketches and make an estimate.


The progenitor of chess is the game Chaturanga, which appeared in the 6th century in India. Its rules were studied by the Persian shah Khosrow I. Chaturanga crossed the borders of India, began to change the rules of the game a little and chess appeared. Of course, chess is available to everyone. But it is believed that only great intellectuals can win the game, because you need to foresee every move. Chess has become a truly popular game. It is played both in the courtyard of the house and in elite clubs. The chess sets themselves also vary in price. The choice is very large: from cheap plastic to custom-made from expensive woods. Choose or order from us!


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Three, seven, ace… The story of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and the opera of the same name by the Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky “The Queen of Spades” with these magic words are well known in the world. Both children and adults play cards. They are convenient to take with you on a trip. They are available. Lots of card games. There are more for the soul, but there are parties where you have to think and remember a lot. Many people buy new decks for divination. In general, there are many options. And we will offer card options. Choose or order the desired cards from us!